Close refutes Mowlam's comments

Seamus Close, deputy leader of the Alliance Party has refuted the Secretary of State, Mo Mowlam’s comments that all parties were largely satisfied with responses to questions put to Sinn Fein last night.

“While the Secretary of State, and the Irish Foreign Minister, Mr Ray Burke may claim to be satisfied with Sinn Fein’s responses to questions posed at the plenary session of talks last night, I as Deputy Leader of the Alliance Party would like to make it clear beyond any doubt that neither I nor my party are satisfied with Sinn Fein’s replies on the issue.

“Gerry Adams studiously avoided answering any questions which we repeatedly posed and dodged and weaved like an accomplished ballerina

“For the Secretary of State to allege that his responses were ‘full and comprehensive’ displays a flawed understanding of the meaning of those words and an interpretation with which I would not agree.”

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