Alderdice slams Sinn Fein stance

Alliance Leader, Lord Alderdice, speaking this morning before going into a meeting with the new International Arms Decommissioning Body, has criticised the Sinn Fein stance on the Talks.

Lord Alderdice said:

“It is clear that the Sinn Fein leadership does not yet realise the kind of democratic process which they have joined. This process is not about smashing the Union, any more than it is about smashing Sinn Fein, and those politicians who talk all the time about smashing things are only displaying their own destructive credentials. These talks are about building a new future, a new stable, peaceful, democratic future, and the only things which will be smashed are the weapons of mass destruction which have claimed so many lives. It is to constructively negotiate that end that we are meeting this morning with the International Decommissioning Body.”

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