Distribute peace money now! Alderdice

Alliance Leader Lord Alderdice has criticised the administration of the Peace and Reconciliation Urban Regeneration Fund.

Nearly £13 million has been allocated toward Urban Regeneration in Belfast and Derry under the Peace and Reconciliation Programme but it appears that more has been allocated to date.

Lord Alderdice said:

“This money was allocated two years ago, in 1995, yet it appears that not a penny has been spent so far. It is extraordinary.

“The Urban Regeneration Fund was designed to improve the environment in run down urban areas. Dozens of good projects have been submitted. Local communities are getting very frustrated that their determination to improve their local environment is being met with the bureaucracy and lethargy which is delaying the distribution of funds.

“I want to see Making Belfast Work and the DoE release funds immediately, at the very least to some of the better applications.

“Movement is needed to stave off community disillusion, and make proper use of the resources.

“Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if we have the 1997-1999 phase of funding available but hadn’t allocated any of the 1995-1997 phase?”

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