Alliance condemns Orange Order over meeting

North Belfast Alliance Constituency Representative Glyn Roberts has hit out at the Orange Order after it placed ‘petty’ preconditions on a meeting with North Belfast members to discuss the controversial ‘Tour Of the North’ parade next month.

Glyn Roberts said:

“The Alliance Party had requested a meeting tomorrow with Orange Order to put forward proposals to them which may prevent violent confrontation with the ‘Tour of the North’ parade.

“Today we were amazed to find that they have now refused to meet with us because one of our delegation is not an elected representative of Belfast City Council. Who on earth do they think are to make such an outrageous and rather stupid precondition as to who we have on our delegation.

“After all who has ever elected the Orange Order?

“We had serious proposals to put to them for a possible compromise and I can only conclude with this silly precondition that they simply are not interested in any form of accommodation over this parade.

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