Alliance call for end to all Drumcree protests

WITH tension mounting across Northern Ireland, a leading member of the Alliance Party has called on for an end to all illegal protests and road blockades.

And Dr. Philip McGarry, who is the President of the Alliance Party, has also called on community do “what they can” to prevent further street disturbances and illegal protests.

The former Belfast City Councillor further called for an end to what, he says is, the “blatant intimidation” of families across Northern Ireland.

“Events on the streets and around Drumcree have been gradually spiralling out of control over the last few days,” explained Dr. McGarry.

“Those who have called for people to come out in support of the Orangemen bear a major responsibility for the widespread violence and intimidation which has taken place.

“I would wish to strongly echo the sentiments of the Presbyterian moderator who has urged people to accept decision of Parades Commission and obey the rule of law.

“At this time of great tension and fear throughout the whole community, I would urge all responsible leaders to call upon all public protests and demonstrations to end. I would also urge the people who have been involved in the protests to return to their homes,” he said.

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