Dow hits out at Board's "Nazi" tactics

PLANS by the Eastern Health and Social Services Board to add fluoride to water supplies in Holywood has been described by a Belfast City councillor as a form of “nazism”.

And the Alliance Party’s Danny Dow has said that if the plans get the go-ahead, it will result in a process of “mass medication” for the people of Holywood.

A decision on the proposals will be made on August 11th after EHSSB chiefs meet to discuss the issue at their headquarters in Linenhall Street, Belfast.

But Mr. Dow, who has teamed up with leading members from the National Pure Water Association to highlight the “dangers” of fluoride, believes the plans will be approved.

The Alliance councillor wants the decision to be made by members of the new shadow assembly when it reconvenes in September.

He says the “undemocratic” nature of the board is evident by its decision to make an announcement on the proposal before the next assembly meeting.

“If this decision gets the go-ahead, it will be inflicted upon the people of Holywood who will ultimately have no say in the matter,” explained the Alliance man.

“The decision must be democratic and it must be taken by locally elected representatives – not by members of the board who don’t represent the people of Holywood.

“Even Lord Dubs has said that plans to add fluoride to water supplies should be taken by members of the new assembly.

“Research has shown us the dangers of fluoride in water supplies and I believe that the people of Holywood are also against the plans.

“We will be doing our best to oppose the plans and we will be picketing outside the board’s headquarters on August 11th. They must not be allowed to get away with this proposal and I would be calling on the people of Holywood to give us their full support,” he added.

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