Scots Guard releases are "insensitive": Alliance

Gerry Lynch, Chairperson of North Belfast Alliance, has branded the
Secretary of State’s Handling of the release of Guardsmen Fisher and Wright
as ‘grossly insensitive’.

Gerry said:

“The early release of prisoners is never easy, but to release these men so
close to the anniversary of Mr McBride’s death is grossly insensitive. The
insufficient notice given to the McBride family about the releases raises
very serious questions about both the NIO and the Secretary of State’s
handling of this case.

“71% of people in Northern Ireland backed the Good Friday Agreement, which
included prisoner releases. In that context the release of Messrs Wright
and Fisher was essential. However, their convictions remain, and it would
be deeply worrying if people convicted of murder were allowed to remain
serving with the armed forces.”

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