Monthly Archives: March 2009

Time for unity, time for hope
Speech by David FORD at Alliance Party Conference
21 March 2009

It is always a pleasure to welcome Conference here to Dunadry, to South Antrim. That welcome is, however, tinged with sadness this year as we reflect on the events of two weeks ago. On Saturday 8 March, Antrim hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with the murders of Sappers Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinzey. Read More

Europe: Time for the politics of hope
Speech by Ian James PARSLEY at Alliance Party Conference
21 March 2009

After my unanimous endorsement by Party Council, I pledged to be the ‘Unity Candidate’ at this election. I am proud to be the party’s candidate at this election because both the Alliance Party and the European Union represent the things I stand for. For my generation, the union of Europe as represented by the fall of the Berlin Wall was the defining political moment — and we still need to bring down walls here at home. Read More

Transfer to secondary schools: LUNN
Speech by Trevor LUNN on motion at Alliance Party Conference
21 March 2009

I don’t think I need to go over the events of the last two years which have led to the persistent impasse in our education system. Caitriona Ruane has led from the front, determined to implement Sinn Féin policy ably assisted more recently by John O’Dowd and the immoveable object of the DUP has stood in their way, mainly in the person of Mervyn Storey, although the real blockade is at Executive level. Personally, I believe that O’Dowd, Mervyn Storey and myself could sort it out but we won’t get the chance. Read More

Green road to recovery: FARRY
Speech by Stephen FARRY on motion at Alliance Party Conference
21 March 2009

The Northern Ireland Executive did not cause the current global economic downturn. Even the Alliance Party would concede that. Indeed, many of the solutions lie beyond their reach and scope. Read More