Election Review: Alliance takes shock seat in Rowallane

Election Review: Alliance takes shock seat in Rowallane
Alliance News
April-June 2014

BROWN PatrickThe Alliance Party pulled off one of the biggest shocks in the local government elections — taking a second seat on the new Newry Mourne & Down Council at the expense of the Ulster Unionists.

Running for election was not on Patrick Brown’s radar until an interview with David Ford — as part of his dissertation on the peace process — led him to agreeing to stand as a paper candidate in Rowallane.

Fast forward eight weeks and as Patrick was handing in his dissertation at Sheffield University on the morning of the court, little did he or anyone else realise he would be an elected representative by the end of the day.

And certainly no one was aware of the political upset that would unfold as Patrick went on to unseat long-standing UUP Councillor Walter Lyons — leading to UUP protestations against a candidate who they argued even failed to even put up any posters.

Patrick Brown said: “I am incredibly fortunate to be a Rowallane representative in the new council and am very honoured and excited to represent local people. I will work hard to ensure my election benefits them.

“Having already run for the party in 2011, David [Ford] recognised me from that election and asked me why I wasn’t a candidate this time. By the time the interview had finished, David had convinced me to run again.

“While no one expected me to get the seat, I am absolutely delighted to get the opportunity to represent Alliance in Newry, Mourne and Down. Along with Patrick Clarke, I am committed to working hard to deliver a new shared society for everyone in the area.”

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