Election Review: Party reclaims North Belfast seat

Election Review: Party reclaims North Belfast seat
Alliance News
April-June 2014

McALLISTER NualaThe election of Nuala McAllister in North Belfast saw Alliance take its first seat in ten years in that party of the city.

Originally joining Alliance because she wanted to be part of an integrated movement, Nuala put herself forward to run for council in North Belfast because she believed she could do better than the current political leadership in the area.

With her chances of taking a seat not secure, Nuala hit the campaign trail hard, meeting with residents and attending community meetings, to outline how having an Alliance representative could benefit them.

Looking back on the campaign, Nuala said: “I think what I enjoyed the most about the campaign was the canvassing. Whilst it was tough, when you met one person who was so supportive and was extra lovely to you, it just made what you were doing all worthwhile.

“That and 10pm on polling day — it was like the feeling you used to get doing your last exam, that this is it, in the next day or two you will know whether you have made it or not.

“Whenever we first realised that I may actually have secured a seat, the nerves really started kicking in. I refused to believe I had done it until the moment my name was called and I was deemed to be elected. You literally could not have lifted the smile from my face. Knowing what this meant for the party was a sweet satisfaction. I didn’t just do this for me; we did it for Alliance.”

Looking forward she added: “I want to deliver integration of services in the community, in particular from the new community powers that Belfast City Council will have.

“I want to use these powers to facilitate good relations within the community and ensure that good relations is at the heart of all community planning services. I want to make sure that I am held as a positive ambassador for North Belfast, and aim to work for everyone.”

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